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Bintan Triathlon 2015

he challenging multi-sporting event, the Bintan Triathlon will once again spark up the beautiful island of Bintan, in the Riau Archipelago Province from 17th to 18th May 2014. Entering its 11th edition this year, the event that combines exhilarating challenges, athleticism and camaraderie is expected to be bigger and better than ever, so be sure to expect fireworks, fun fringe activities and definitely a big party.


Combining Swimming, running, and bicycling into one elaborate competition, the event will not only challenge participants’ skills and endurance but will also take them to some of the most fascinating parts of the island.


The race will be divided into several categories, namely: Olympic distance, Sprint Distance, and Kids Distance, Youth Distance, and Fun Race Duo Challenge. The Olympic and Sprint distance race will be an open relay competition. The Olympic distance covers 1.5KM of Swimming, 40Km of cycling, and 10Km of Running; the Sprint distance covers 750m of Swimming, 20Km of cycling, and 5Km of Running; the Youth distance covers 300m of Swimming, 12Km of cycling, and 3 Km of Running; the Kids distance covers 150m of Swimming, 6Km of cycling, and 1.5Km of Running; the Fun Race Duo Challenge covers 1.5Km of Running, 150m of Swimming, and a dash to the finish line.

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