The NEWEST WAY  to get to Mt. Rinjani is  via LANTAN VILLAGE  in Central Lombok. The route is enough famous by local people. Where the local villagers usually take their route to get to Mt. Rinjani for fishing trip monthly. The truly magical Natural way make the trip most Adventurist cause its will watch your move and sight surrounding to the jungle on long the way from the start point to the base climb point of Mt. Rinjani.There are number of Clear Water Rivers will be crossed away where the spring are flow out from Rinjani ‘s forest.

Many kind of wildlife animals play out and sing around and along the way with their nice sound make the perfect day trip within friendly atmospheres.The trip will be take around 10 hours to the rim, and here is the best place for Sunset point. And we should move descend 2 hours to reach the crater lake Segara Anak.:

The trip will be take around 10 hours to the rim, and here is the best place for Sunset point. And we should move descend 2 hours to reach the crater lake Segara Anak.:

Below are some  details information about our new way to Rinjani.

  1. From home just take 30 minutes untill the trekking start point. Along the way we will find fascinating route to see beautiful and traditional village and friendly villagers with lots of traditional farms , garden sides, rivers, etc.
  2. Starting  the trek from the end of the HKM possible from 8 AM. Along the way we will be offered with some rivers to cross, lots beautiful and magical flora and fauna as like monkeys, black monkeys, even sometimes we will find a giant monkey if we are lucky, unknown  species of plants, various kinds of  birds singing  and joking with blowing of truely rainforest  for about 4 hours untill the end of the old tropical rainforest which has never been observed by foreigners.
  3. Just continue to climb the back of  Rinjani. Here we will cross  turf  of  typical fern  and coarse grass for  about 2 ½ hours, then we will find continue the trek to cross  a huge carpet of  Edelweis flower  along the sight untill top 2 ½ hours. Before the top for about 15 minutes there is the only one spring to take for water supply untill the peak and lake Segara Anak
  4. While taking the water we may enjoy  magical and fascinating of the fog, edelweis flower, and special monkey species here.
  5. When on the peak this is the place to make camp, it’s about 5.30 PM or 06.00 PM to capture the beauty sunset, numbers of  magical views , piles of Rinjani Mountain and a small view of Gunung Agung in Bali. If we turn around we can see magical Lake segara anak, Gunung Baru, and truely  the highest of Rinjani Mountain backward.
  6. Early morning  to enjoy the sun rise and breakfast we continue the trek down to segara anak at 7.00 AM , and we will arrive at Lake Segara Anak  at. 10.00 AM.. At segara anak we will be offered by fascinating views of  wide lake along the sight, magical clift, hot spring, fishing, and so on.

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