Whatsapp is a most popular social messaging app that available for all mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Java Mobiles. You can share lots of image, Videos, audio and unlimited messages to your friends and family. Everyone knows that the Whatsapp’s popularity is growing day by day so lots of WhatsApp tricks & tips has come on internet.


Latest Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

Sometimes age, I read an article which is mentioning that WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users in all over the world. It’s commendable. Users like to use Whatsapp for fast message delivery service, latest voice calling feature and other awesome feature which makes more popular. I have decided to share some of the best and cool WhatsApp tricks collection for each user so make your WhatsApp cool and shine your friend circle.

#1. Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number

Can you think when you register your all mobile numbers on WhatsApp and you need new WhatsApp account so what to do? Don’t worry you can use WhatsApp without your mobile number; I mean not your number. This trick is helping you to activate WhatsApp with the fake number.


First you will completely uninstall your WhatsApp on your device. Download Whatsapp latest version and again install it.

Disable your text messaging services by activating flight Mode in your device.

Open New Whatsapp and type the number in it. But it could not be capable of sending the message for the server then it will eventually ask you to choose an alternative way to verify.

Select the verify through message option ad fill your email and hit on send option. Now without wasting of time click on Cancel. It shoots the authorization process.

Now you need to forge messages then you will download forge message apps. A spoof text message is best for android and Fake- a- Message is best for iPhone.

Spoofing Way: Go in your Outbox -> Copy the details to spoofer App -> Send the details to spoofed verification.

Use this detail.

TO: +447900347295

By: +[Country code][mobile number]

Msg: Your email address

A message will be probably sent by spoofed number. You can use this number to get in touch with your buddies

#2. Hide Last Seen Timestamp

WhatsApp indicates a ‘last seen’ timestamp, it is telling other users the last time you’re in WhatsApp. It’s a terrific feature, but the function gets really annoying since it shows that you are online or not on WhatsApp. You can’t hide out of your friends as well as they’ll start chatting with you.

So you think that how to hide last seen in the time stamp then you should follow these steps

First you can hide last seen feature to another third-party app. Many apps are available in Google Play store. But in latest WhatsApp version, you will hide this feature without using another app.

First you have to uninstall your WhatsApp (if your updated is not update)

Download and install the new WhatsApp version from Google Play store or official website to use this Last seen feature

After installation, Open your WhatsApp and Go to Settings > Tab to Accounts > Privacy > last Seen. (See Below Image)


Now you’ll see 3 options, Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody. Select your option. You are done!

#3. Read Your Friend’s Chat Conversation

Can you really Read your friend’s chat conversation and read chat? Yes, you can but how? Don’t processor on your mind; i will explain you about this cool trick by which you can read your friend’s chat conversation. Just follow the below pointed out steps.

First, you must do is open the MicroSD card then go to the Whatsapp folder and click to Database folder.

Immediately once you finished the 1st step you will see two files in folder namely,

msgstore-yyyy.. dd.. db. crypt

msgstore. db. crypt

After getting these files, you will copy these files from your friends mobile phone then paste these two files from your PC or Mobile

Now you can easily read their chat conversations which have done. You can open them in a simple text editor.


#4. Send Everything like Doc, Zip, PDF files


We all know that WhatsApp doesn’t assist in sending out other documents than audio tracks and video clip formats. There is no option to share your documents, compressed files, as well as other files from WhatsApp. But every problem has a solution.

Some apps will make your whatsapp able to send these types of files. Cloud Send One of the apps that I use. You can send Doc, APK, PDF file through your whatsapp

Whats Packed 2 ads is an alternative app to sending the file through whatsapp. But you must install Whats Packed 2 ads app in sender’s and receiver’s phone

#5. Hide your WhatsApp DP (Profile Picture)

If you want to know that how to hide your whatsapp profile picture (DP) Because of privacy reasons, this trick will surely help you. Hiding profile Picture option is only present on latest whatsapp. In case, your whatsapp is not updated so download latest whatsapp and installing it.

Open your latest whatsapp and go to settings> Click Account privacy.

Then tab on profile Photo, you wil

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