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10 Country Where Homosexuals and Lesbians Are Legals

10 Country Where Homosexuals and Lesbians Are Legals

Society is changing.  There are an increasing number of countries that have adapted their laws to recognize the rights of its homosexual population.  There is a multicoloured wave that is sweeping the planet and what was once inexplicably taboo is becoming openly accepted. With the legalization of same sex-marriages last year in Brazil, France, England and Wales the total number of countries where same-sex marriage is legal has risen to 17.  If you include countries where it is legal in certain areas, like the U.S., where 18 states and the District of Columbia have adopted a law and in Mexico where 2 states are on board, the population that now lives in an area where same-sex marriages are legal has risen dramatically in a twelve-month span.  Tony Pitman, a Melbourne based activist has compiled a list of these countries along with their population estimates.  As of January 1st 2014, 700 million people live in a country where same-sex marriages are legal.  The current worldwide population is approximately 7 billion; basically 10% of all individuals on the planet now live in a country where same-sex unions are legal.

2013 was a banner year for the legalization of same-sex union movement, but laws are not the only aspect to look at when wondering whether or not a country is gay friendly.  There is also general societal acceptance, services and events that must be considered when attempting to rank the top gay-friendly nation.  A recent Pew Research Centre survey asked citizens in 39 countries a simple question: whether or not homosexuals should be accepted in society.  Although some of the traditionally gay-friendly countries were omitted from the survey, it does provide insight into general views on homosexuality by regions.  Europe is by far the most accepting, while the African continent is behind in its views.

While modern trends seem to be pointing toward increased acceptance, there remain certain countries that are still enacting laws to restrict homosexual behaviour, often countries led by conservative religious practices, continue to enforce criminal penalties for homosexual acts.

The list compiled here is based on a variety of factors.  The legal aspect and its population’s acceptance of gays played a big role, as did its gay and lesbian scene and events.  However, certain emphasis was also placed on the role the country is attempting to play in the worldwide acceptance of gays and lesbians.  10 % of the world’s population living in a country where same-sex marriages are legal is great but it is still just a beginning. Here is the list of the top ten gay friendly countries in the world.

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