Indonesian tourism ready to go digital

The Tourism Ministry is set to introduce a digital platform to boost Indonesia's tourism and achieve the goal of 20 million foreign tourists visiting the archipelago annually by 2019, the minister said on Thursday.

The ministry will launch Travel X-Change Indonesia (TXI) on August 17 this year, coinciding with the country’s 71st anniversary.

"I will prove that the use of digital technology is going to take Indonesian tourism to a new level," Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said on Thursday.

Arief is currently in Sydney to study Australia’s digital marketplace platform called Tourism Travel X-change Australia (TXA), an inclusive booking  platform that helps market tourism-related business through an online platform.

Moreover, Indonesia's TXI would be a one-stop service in which people from around the world could look into tourism packages to all destinations in Indonesia offered by travel agents on the platform, Arief said.

The service will also allow potential customers to book and purchase travel packages.

The ministry is working on a promotional campaign to attract as many traditional travel agents as possible to sign up for the site, which will facilitate the sales of their tour packages.  

“Traditional travel agents will be left behind if they do not take this opportunity,” Arief said, adding that the Tourism Ministry would also give train travel agents in website design to help them attractively present their tourism packages.

Ten million foreign tourists visited Indonesia last year. The government increased the target to 12 million this year, and wants see that number double to 20 million foreign tourists by 2019
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